How We Love


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We have launched a small amount of extra How We Love Boxes for our lovely bookworms to get their hands on!

Rewrite your understanding of love, celebrating it in all forms; lovers, friends, queerness, singlehood…
Join us in re-framing our understanding of this powerful emotion in a classic, fundamentally feminist, inclusive, Books That Matter way…

For a long time now, the team has deliberated amongst ourselves what love means to us; for hours, we’ve talked about the many diverse, weird and wonderful ways love manifests in each of our lives. Literature has long addressed the typical, heteronormative, romantic relationships: but what about the other types of love? Who’s to say they’re any less meaningful or important? Inside this box, we explore a whole host of female friendship, queer love & sex positivity. Whether it’s LGBTQIA+ History Month, Valentine’s Day, or Galentine’s Day you’ll be celebrating, we’re bringing together the beauty and value of it all inside this box😍