To Read or Not to Read: Getting out of your lockdown reading slump!

With the second lockdown in full swing, and time going slower each day, it’s easy to fall into a repetitive cycle of feeling sluggish, with low motivation and high procrastination. And at the same time, many of us who usually love snuggling under the duvet with a book and a cuppa (and this is truly the perfect weather for it) may have simply dropped the desire to get lost into a book.

And as disappointing as that may sound, it’s not hard to see why – with constant thoughts of the pandemic and lockdown going through our heads, it may not be easy to just let yourself get distracted by a previously much-loved story. And if it’s a book that’s taking you a while to trudge through, turning the pages yet never seeming to end can feel even more monotonous than counting down the days stuck at home.

Yet, it’s vital to remind ourselves of all the best parts of reading. The fact that at this moment, with everything going on around us and depressing news on the television all day long, reading a book might be just what we need. Taking the time out of our days, allowing ourselves just a few moments to breathe and let go, and to actually enjoy something. It seems like so long ago since snuggling with a novel was just part of the daily routine. And perhaps in those days, looking after our mental health was less of a priority or a necessity, but something taken for granted. Whereas now, we should all be making a conscious effort to take care of ourselves, and for bookworms like us, that simply means going back to what we once loved.

A reading slump may not just be the distracted and invasive thoughts creeping about and not letting you have some time to yourself. It may be a more general sense of boredom, too. And (although I hate to say it) often that means that what we’re reading is just not quite the right thing. Maybe a little too boring or a little too wordy or just never ending. It’s okay, and just a friendly reminder, that to love books, you don’t have to love all books. Sometimes the relationship between you and your next read just won’t work out.

Getting out of a reading slump might mean just getting out of a lockdown slump. Or it might mean switching up your bookshelf or treating yourself to a few new reads. Either way, the importance of going back to what we loved when the pandemic didn’t exist is all part of the self-care that we really, really need right now.

Written by Meghna Amin

Photo: @offtheshelfofficial on Instagram

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