Our Women’s Prize Collaboration

– Women’s Prize Collection boxes are launching on the 15th of June –

For what seems like forever, the Books That Matter team have been eagerly awaiting the moment when we can finally share our joy with you all and announce that June’s box will be a collaboration with The Women’s Prize For Fiction!

We are the first brand The Women’s Prize has ever collaborated on a product with, and this is a privilege we do not take lightly. We want to take a look at why we believe this collaboration is the ultimate fit. Our journeys, narratives and end goals very much intertwine. The collaboration is unique but also very natural; two peas in a pod.

The Women’s Prize for Fiction is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary. In 1992, the premise of the prize was established by a group of diverse journalists, authors and figureheads in the industry who were united in their frustration towards literary prizes’ continued exclusion of female authors. In 1991, The Booker Prize Shortlist featured no women, which more widely reflected the fact that throughout the prize’s history, only 10% of shortlisted authors were female.

You may think, well this year The Booker Prize was won by not just one, but two women so why do we still need another prize? The answer of course, is that it always was and continues to be far more than a gap filler, it is all about creating space. The Prize creates a space in which women’s creativity can flourish and be celebrated internationally. In drawing attention to an array of beautifully diverse books, The Prize has expanded the platform for women’s literature, and we as readers have relished in the reward of increased accessibility.

And that is where we come in. Much like Kate Mosse, who is one of the organisation’s original co-founders who still remains an honorary director and literary icon, Books That Matter founder Molly looked to recognise and help finds solutions to the persistent problems. In particular, Molly wanted to consciously address the barriers which had been put up against the promotion of intersectionality. This collaboration acts as an emblem and a celebration for the many women who have put their heads together and devised creative outlets for female expression, and the platforms both the Women’s Prize and Books That Matter have created to celebrate women and their works.

Books That Matter share and revel in The Women’s Prizes aim to promote and celebrate the phenomenal depths of women as both readers and writers. Our emphasis has always been to ensure you find tomorrow’s classics in your hands, and to champion diversity and intersectionality through education, empowerment and enlightenment. It is no coincidence that many of the books featured in our boxes have also found themselves on previous Women’s Prize For Fiction shortlists.

It is this sharing of core ethos and foundations which makes the intertwining of these two brands so perfect. When our aims so naturally align, it is so thrilling to pool our resources together in widening the realm and readership of female-led fiction.

Although this collaboration finds itself grounded in a strange and different type of world, it seems now more than ever is the optimum opportunity to come together and join forces. We must never underestimate the power that reading and writing has to stir up feelings and emotions, to connect people to not only each other, but to our wider sense of humanity.

We have worked closely with the Women’s Prize team to craft a box featuring a copy of one of our favourite Women’s Prize winners books, alongside exclusive gifts and limited edition merchandise, all packaged together to form a one-of-a-kind collector’s box. However, this is not all! Over the next couple of months, we will be joining forces across our multiple social media accounts, blogs and more in order to bring you exclusive content, videos, insights and giveaways too!

For us at Books That Matter, this really is a dream come true collaboration. We cannot wait to finally let you in on our adventures, and for you to join us in spreading the joy of female creativity far and wide. We are so thankful for this opportunity, particularly to the organisers of The Women’s Prize for their constant support and enthusiasm. Yet, without the persistent love and support of our subscribers we certainly would not be in this position, and so we once again voice our gratitude to you all.

For now, make sure you have registered your interest on our landing page and are following us and The Women’s Prize across all our platforms, then, sit back and simply revel in the many more exciting things to come…

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Written by Issie Levin


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