How to Love Yourself (in a world that doesn’t want you to)

How to Love Yourself (in a world that doesn’t want you to)

It’s no secret that large corporations across the globe profit from human insecurity. Everywhere you go, you’ll encounter anti ageing creams, detox teas, Photoshop, face tuning technology, and worse. We are living in an economy that provides us with constant problems to solve, rather than opportunities to celebrate, embrace and accept our bodies the way they are. As our focus on feminism’s place within body positivity comes to a close, we thought a great way to round up would be to write about actionable, intentional ways to love yourself bravely, in a world that really doesn’t want us all to be comfortable and content with our bodies.

Curate your Feed

We all spend more time online than we like to admit, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with using the technology so readily available to us. We pay a lot of money for our phones, computers and laptops, and we like to interact with people through social media provided to us; it’s a new era of communication, and we can use this to our advantage. There’s a lot out there that’s already been written about how toxic it can be to unconsciously absorb messages from people we follow that make us critique our self-worth, doubt our image, and feel in competition with people who are so very different from us that we could never attain what we feel we need in order to feel full. Instead of following people who drain you on social media; perhaps influencers constantly promoting unhealthy lifestyles, people who use a lot of editing software to look the way they do online, or just anyone who makes you feel negatively about your own existence, choose to follow people who affirm you. We love curating our feed around books, positive feminist art and quotations, and people we love following. Needless to say, follow people who look like you; people with skin conditions, plus sized people, disabled people, queer people, BIPOC! When we spend so much of our lives online, and living in a curated world, it’s really important to think of your social space like a room or a house that you’re allowing people into. Close the door on those who bring negativity or doubt your way, and choose to let in rays of sunshine!


We included a beautiful pack of affirmation cards we designed with House of Wonderland in our recent Bodiposi Box, and they’ve been one of our most popular gifts yet. Affirmation cards are something you can go out and purchase, or make for yourself using some of your favourite quotes. You can choose to read them aloud, or just in your head, but positive affirmations to yourself each day create actionable, noticeable difference in self-esteem, perspective and a general positive outlook. Just taking one out of a box each day to read before you leave the house can provide you with motivation all day, or give you a message you didn’t know you needed, like a fortune cookie! If you’re stuck for where to start, find some quotes you like online or through a hashtag on Instagram, write them down, and remember to recite some to yourself when you feel they’re needed. Affirmations can really make the world of difference in changing your mood, creating motivation, or getting you through a difficult day.

Dress for Your Comfort, not for Other People’s

It’s all too easy to cover up parts of your body that you’re not content or happy with, and that’s ok if it makes you feel more confident. However, hiding behind a long top, dress, scarf, or multiple layers in a way that makes you feel small, or makes you feel less visible; when you’d far rather be wearing a skirt, a cool t-shirt, or even just wearing your hair up – try your best to channel confidence and question your motives with what you wear. When you choose something to wear, are you wearing it because it makes you feel great, or are you wearing it because it’s an easy choice and it covers parts of you you fear others might look at? A great inspiration for making this change is Queer Eye. We’re certain you know this show already, but if you don’t, its a fabulous show on Netflix whereby five gay men makeover subjects physically, emotionally and externally. They find clothes that make the contestants feel amazing, and affirm them in ways you would probably never think of doing for yourself. We’d encourage you to watch a few episodes, and take some inspiration from how they talk and dress their contestants – it will definitely inspire you!


The reason we included our Bodiposi Journal in our August box was because we researched and understood the importance of exploring one’s own inner thoughts and where they come from. Journalling and writing a diary is nothing new, but using prompts to consider how you feel, what makes you look your best, how you love yourself and your body, is brave and exciting. This activity definitely counts as great self-care; and you’d be surprised to see how many of the ways you see yourself come from societal standards and stereotypes enforced upon us from young ages. We all have thought processes and behaviours we impose on ourselves that we have to unlearn, and journalling can certainly help us work through these in a mediated and intentional way!

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