How To Keep Reading After Lockdown

In England, Covid restrictions are slowly starting to ease and, combined with the improved weather, the idea of (shock, horror!) leaving the house is becoming ever more appealing. We can now meet with friends in private gardens, hit the gym and get that long-awaited haircut if we please. As Covid vaccines are rolled out in communities across the world, we will see more and more people able to return to something closer to life before the pandemic. But what does this mean for our reading? If you’ve got used to snuggling up indoors with a blanket and a good book, you may be wondering how you’re going to make time for reading in your increasingly busy social calendar. The good news is you don’t necessarily have to choose between reading and socialising. Here are some ideas for bringing books and reading along with you as you get out and about.

Book Clubs

What better combination than brunch and books? If you have bookish friends in your life, you could all agree on a book, give yourselves a set amount of time to read it and then meet up to discuss your thoughts over brunch, drinks, coffee or whatever your snack or beverage of choice may be. If you’re all Books That Matter subscribers, why not discuss the book of that month and share your favourite quotes?

Reading Aloud

Before the invention of the printing press, storytelling was all done orally. The very earliest stories human beings told each other were face to face over an open fire. Why not reignite that tradition by gathering a few friends in your back garden and reading aloud to each other? Plays, fairytales and poetry collections lend themselves especially well to this form of reading but feel free to explore and practise your dramatic reading voice.

Reading at the Park

What do you need for a catch up with friends at the park? Picnic blanket? Check! Snacks and drinks? Check! Music? Check! What’s missing, I hear you ask? How about a good book? While your friends play frisbee, sunbathe or just take a nap in the mid-afternoon sun why not read a few pages of your book? You’ll still be with loved ones enjoying the great outdoors but we’re sure you’ll agree that everything is just that little bit better with a good book.

Book Exchange

If you’re desperate for new titles on your shelf, you might consider a book exchange party. Arrange for friends and family to meet up each bringing along books they’re happy to swap out for new ones. You can then pop them all in a pile and let people take their pick. Everyone goes away with books that are new to them without anyone having to spend any extra money. Win-win!


Although we could never imagine swapping IRL books for audio, we do think Audiobooks are a great way to read on the go! Whether you listen in the car on your commute, at the gym during your workout or as you walk to visit friends, all you need is your device and you’re good to go.  Many libraries allow you to choose from thousands of audiobook titles online and it should all be part of your normal library membership too. 

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