Hot Book Summer: The Essentials

by | Aug 3, 2021

It’s August and we’re here to help you have a hot book summer you’ll never want to forget. 

Whether you’re choosing to stay at home, have a staycation in The UK or even travel abroad, here are some must-have items for a sizzling, bookish summer.


Simply put, you can’t have a hot book summer without books. If you’re planning to go on holiday, whether in your home country or further afield, you’ll probably want to take a good selection of books with you. After all, your flight could be delayed, the weather could take a turn for the rainy or you might just get through your books faster than you thought and no bookworm wants to be away from home without reading material. Not sure what to read? Check out our social posts, or previous blogs, for endless recommendations by the hottest female writers around!


As well as a decent amount of reading material, you’ll want a summery bookmark or two to keep your place in your current reads. There’s no folding the pages happening over here! If you’re a regular subscriber, you’ll know that each of our boxes contain a themed bookmark to go with our featured book. A few of our coveted, exclusively designed bookmarks would be the perfect addition to your holiday luggage ready to tuck into your chosen read. 

Summery Reading Snacks

Nothing quite beats the combination of a good book and a delicious snack. Why not switch it up from a standard bowl of popcorn or bag of sweets and go for something more in tune with the summer weather? How about a bowl of chopped fruit, veggie crudités paired with dip or an ice-cream to cool you down (taking extra care not to drip any onto your book of course!)

Extra Reading

Finished all your books already? Fancy a (rare!) change? We love sitting on a train or plane with a good magazine, and we can’t think of a better place to start than Aila. Empowering, educating, and encouraging women to be their best selves this summer, Aila is all about deconstructing the myth of a summer body and understanding what a true Hot Book Summer means.


Reading out in the sunshine can take its toll on your eyes, protect them by getting yourself a pair of sunglasses. You’ll want ones that have UV protection built in to prevent your eyes from being subjected to sun damage. With plenty of options out there to choose from, there’s no reason why you can’t find a pair that will be both safe and stylish.

Photo Creds: lara_lhrmnn


Want to stay safe and stylish this summer? The best way to protect yourself and others while having a good time this summer is with a beautiful, summery face covering. Light, breathable and designed by an inspiring female artist – keep an eye out for this month’s August box!


During the warmer summer months, your body needs even more water than usual. Carrying a water bottle with you and keeping it topped up throughout the day will help you stay healthy and hydrated. We recommend carrying a reusable bottle with you, it’s better for the environment and cheaper than buying lots of plastic ones. 

A Picnic Blanket or Camping Chair

Whether you’re at the park, in the garden or on the beach you’ll want somewhere comfy to read and relax. A large picnic blanket that you can spread out on is perfect. If you’d prefer to be seated, a camping chair would be a great item to pop in the boot; they’re foldable, fairly light and can provide you with a comfy spot to make your reading experience just that bit more cosy. 

Photo Creds: hillhousevintage

Refreshing Sprays

Getting sweaty feet and toes? Whether you’re discovering a new city by home, or, just laying out in the garden – Bloom and Blossom’s Spritzy Toes will have you sorted. In need of a refreshing tip, place the spray in the fridge and enjoy a cool breeze all summer long!

Tote Bag

You’ll want something stylish to carry your books in if you’re out and about. Here at Books that Matter, we’re big fans of a sustainable, organic cotton tote bag. They’re light, reusable and come in a variety of designs. We’ve loved featuring these gorgeous, practical gifts in past boxes and will no doubt do so again. Keep an eye on upcoming unboxings to make sure you don’t miss out if you’ve not yet nabbed one of our famously stylish totes. 

Photo Creds: Lily Windsor Walker

Rachel Edwards

Want to travel the world through books this summer?

Try our Hot Book Summer box!  Our August box will include everything you need for your perfect hot book summer: a pre-release debut novel which marries together an empowering narrative with incredible female leads, and huge wanderlust vibes! Inside you’ll also find ALL the OUT out and picnic essentials, summer skincare, a gorgeous 80 page summer zine from female artists, and so much more! Hot Book Summer to us is all about living your BEST life, making time for yourself, enriching your mind and soul with amazing books and maintaining your lockdown reading habits, self love and body positivity, and ultimately, soaking up the sun with a good book! Bringing you poolside, airplane, girls holiday, picnic in the park, beach date, ‘wish you were here’ vibes, because after the last year, we all deserve it! Grab your girls, grab your books, grab your Hot Book Summer box! Grab yours now!

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