Books And Treats: A Thank You From Us to You


– Relaunching this Friday at 10am –

It can feel strange or inappropriate to be sharing exciting news of growth and positivity, especially when we find ourselves in the midst of such a devastating crisis. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean it isn’t important to do so.

For a while now, the team has been looking into different ways we can broaden our horizons, and provide our much-loved bookworms with the ready-to-ship content they have been patiently (but eagerly!) asking and waiting for. Although it was a peculiar feeling to launch a new product at this time, last Friday we took the plunge and released our first 100 ‘Books And Treats’ packages.

We wanted to help put a smile on your faces, and do all we could to boost morale. For a while we’ve been working on lifting spirits with the release of May’s ‘Bloom’ Box, and while your response to that has been heart-warming, it didn’t seem fair to make you wait for bookish joy until then.

Books are a constant source of comfort and support to us here. They make us laugh and they make us cry, but they are always a source of hope and a way of connecting us to humanity. We wanted to spread this magic as far and wide as we could; we wanted these packages to function not only as gifts to others, but as gifts for yourself.

Contained within are three specifically hand-picked books and three delicious edible treats. We also wanted to add that personal touch, and offered hand-written notes or messages to send to your loved ones.

Our ethos and foundations have always been grounded in the idea of women supporting women, and this product looks to achieve that on multiple levels. Not only does this product enable a sharing of love and an act of generosity between friends, but it also facilitates the all-important gift of sharing stories and supporting three dazzling feminist authors.

We looked to support our much-loved publishers, partners and businesses with the curation of these packages, in addition to supporting important charity initiatives. £1 from each sale will be donated to key worker charities who are supporting our tireless frontline during this crisis.

We were overwhelmed by your response and enthusiasm; to witness the chaos and madness as all our stock completely sold out in under an hour was spellbinding. We can’t wait for you to receive these holographic beauties at your doors, and are grateful to the wonderful deliverymen who will be getting those to you.

From this point onwards, please know that we see each social media post or comment of support, and that this is a much needed and beautiful boost for our community. Luckily, we are able to continue spreading bookish cheer!

We’re so grateful to our suppliers and distribution team who have provided us with the opportunity to run again so quickly.

We’ll be launching another 100 of these goodies this Friday 17th April at 10am. It is hard in times of uncertainty to look to the future, but we’re going to do our best to do just that.

We hope this is just the beginnings of a brand-new pathway and chapter for us. The next few months are undoubtedly going to entail ups and downs for us all as individuals, but we hope that we can spread a small bit of bookish and feminist joy along the way. We can’t wait to keep sharing this journey with you, and want to ensure we stay gracious in keep thanking you for your ongoing support and love throughout this ride.

To sum up, we’d like to borrow some words from Alice Walker, whose work The Colour Purple was featured in February’s ‘Banned Books’ Box: ‘Thank you is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, understand.’

And so from the Books That Matter team: thank you.

Written by Issie Levin

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