Our Women’s Prize Collaboration

29th April 2020

– Women’s Prize Collection boxes are launching on the 15th of June – For what seems like forever, the Books That Matter team have been eagerly awaiting the moment when we can finally share our joy with you all and announce that June’s box will be a collaboration with The Women’s Prize For Fiction! We […]

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Books And Treats: A Thank You From Us to You

15th April 2020

– Relaunching this Friday at 10am – It can feel strange or inappropriate to be sharing exciting news of growth and positivity, especially when we find ourselves in the midst of such a devastating crisis. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean it isn’t important to do so. For a while now, the team has been looking into […]

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A Black Women’s History Month Reading List

2nd April 2020

Intersectional feminists do not share one cohesive or singular narrative. As a diverse group of readers, we place our upmost energies into actively supporting and encouraging those around us to read widely. For some of our readers, these themes and histories may feel alien or unfamiliar, but for others, they are a reminder of their […]

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