10 women-supporting-women organisations you need to know about

‘tis the season… of sisterhood!

Here at Books That Matter we’re celebrating our December theme: the Season of Sisterhood! As we reach the end of the year it’s the perfect time to reflect and appreciate the sisterhood that surrounds us. Check out these 10 women-supporting-women organisations which champion that sisterhood with their work:

1) Integrate UK

Integrate UK is fighting to end FGM and empower young people through education and awareness. Youth-led, it supports young people to devise and develop their own projects, as well as creating and distributing educational resources about various issues, including FGM. Find out more information and donate here, and check out their catchy music video #MyClitoris which brilliantly raises awareness about FGM whilst championing body autonomy.


WISH is a charity supporting women’s mental health, providing advocacy and support for women in prison, and continuing that support through the Mental Health and Criminal Justice Systems, following women through hospitals and in the community. As well as providing practical and emotional support, WISH campaigns for women to be heard in conversations surrounding mental health. They’re currently inviting women to complete their survey about mental health in order to ‘Turn Up The Volume’, with the aim of using the consultation to improve the Mental Health and Criminal Justice Systems. You can find out more here.

3) STEMettes

Women are considerably underrepresented in STEM careers in the UK. STEMettes is working to change that, by supporting young girls into careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. They focus on providing fun, free events (with food!) to inspire young girls, including hackathons, panels, school trips. Starting at age 5, every young girl is encouraged to get involved. Having started in 2013 and worked with over 40,000 young people since then, STEMettes shows no sign of slowing down. Read more here.

4) Imkaan

Imkaan has been working for nearly two decades to address violence against BME women and girls. With this focus, Imkaan seek to challenge gendered violence with an understanding of the presence and impact of multiple intersections, including ethnicity. Imkaan offers support and peer education, as well as completing research into the lived experience of BME women and girls. Check out their website for more information here.


CAMFED, or Campaign for Female Education, is fighting to tackle poverty and inequality. They believe that ‘when you educate a girl, everything changes’, and they have already supported over 3.3 million children in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa to go to school. Not only do they support marginalized girls into school, they also work with young women to develop their leadership skills, empowering them to become agents of change. You can read more and donate here.

6) Young Women’s Trust

Seeking economic justice for young women, Young Women’s Trust campaigns to celebrate young women and girls and break down barriers to their success. They offer a free service called ‘Work It Out’, which provides coaching and support with CVs and job applications to help young women get the jobs they deserve, as well as offering advice to help women enter the workforce and thrive in the workplace. Find out more here.

7) Women for Refugee Women

Women for Refugee Women creates change for refugee and asylum-speaking women in three ways: empowerment, influence and advocacy. They empower through confidence-building activities and events, as well as English lessons, creating a network of women. They influence by creating opportunities for refugee women to speak publicly, ensuring refugee women are heard in the media. They advocate by producing research surrounding refugee women and working to create real policy change. You can read their research and find out more about what they do here.

8) Women in Sport

Women are more likely to be inactive than men in England, and Women in Sport aims to support women to be more active and take part in sport. They work with women and girls of all ages, encouraging women and girls to develop a lifelong relationship with sport and physical activity as well as working to create a more inclusive and respectful culture of sport. Get involved here.

9) My Body Back

My Body Back supports women who have experienced sexual violence. They have cervical screening clinics in London and Glasgow, and a maternity clinic in London, both designed to work with women who have experienced sexual violence to meet their needs. They also run ‘Café V’, a quarterly session for women to meet and be supported to love their bodies after experiencing sexual violence. Learn more here.

10) She Shirts – Smart Works, Women’s Aid, Bloody Good Period

She Shirts calls itself ‘Authentic Feminist Fashion’, and definitely lives up to the claim. Founded by two University of Bristol students, She Shirts sells feminist t-shirts, with all the profits going to women-supporting-women charities (Smart Works, Women’s Aid, and Bloody Good Period). They’ve partnered with independent artists to produce numerous feminist designs, and every t-shirt is made sustainably and ethically – you can even watch a video on their website which explains their supply chain. Want to wear your (feminist) heart on your sleeve? Get a She Shirts t-shirt here.

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