Empower Your Feed: 10 Feminist Influencers to Follow

In the last few years debate on the negative effects of social media have been rife in the press and mental health campaigning. With the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others using the wonders of AI to keep us glued to our screens, it’s important that the things we are consuming bring sparkle and happiness to our lives.

Women especially are bombarded with curated, airbrushed and unachievable images of bodies and lifestyles that leave us feeling inadequate and unnatural. Influencers are paid hundreds of thousands of pounds to portray unrealistic fantasies so that we continue investing in weight loss pills, beauty products and teeth whitening gels.

Here at Books That Matter we want to empower your feeds with engaging and honest women-led content that reflect our everyday lives. As Marie Kondo would say, choose who sparks joy on your timeline. Here are 10 talented feminists creating engaging content to inspire and brighten up your lunchtime scroll:

One – Ruby Rare Ruby Rare
(Instagram: @rubyrare) is a body positive, sex positive, bi-sexual woman and LGBTQ+ inclusive writer and public speaker. Ruby defines herself as a non-monogamous queer woman who believes women should be celebrated in their sex lives to find pleasure, eradicate shame and feel good in their own skin. Ruby’s content shines bright with the vibrancy of her hair, her illustrations and her wide array of excellent sex toys. Think glitter, lube and pink hair, she’ll definitely make your timeline sparkle!

Two – Scartlett Curtis
Scarlett Curtis (Instagram: @scarcurtis) is the bestselling author of ‘Feminists Don’t Wear Pink and Other Lies’ and the co-founder of the Pink Protest – a group of feminist activists. Scarlett is an influencer, writer and public speaker who highlights issues of inequality and champions mental health and disability rights. Her second book ‘It’s Not OK to Feel Blue and Other Lies’, highlights her own struggles with mental health and long-term illness. Scarlett’s feed regularly introduces her followers to other inspiring feminist influencers and activists, including her close friends Grace Campbell (@disgracecampbell) and Honey Kinny (@honeykinny). She’s also a feminist style icon, recently rocking the iconic Lucy and Yak vulva dungarees.

Three – Style Me Sunday
Originally starting a fashion blog based on her weekend wear and Sunday style, Natalie Lee aka Style Me Sunday (Instagram: @stylemesunday) is a blogger and influencer. Natalie still features fashion content on her channel but also writes about body image, race, gender and motherhood. The ‘#FridayFinger’ feature that she shares with her followers confronts patriarchal standards that contribute to poor mental health and eating disorders. #FridayFinger encourages us to shrug off prescriptive beauty ideals to find acceptance in ourselves and our bodies.

Four – Flo Perry
Flo Perry (Instagram: @floperrydraws and Twitter: @FloPerry) is an illustrator and the author of ‘How to have Feminist Sex’. Flo is a bi-sexual feminist who speaks publicly about sexuality, consent, body image and sex positivity through her illustrations online. Her Instagram content combines hilarious illustrations with relatable, inclusive messages that inspire her followers to celebrate their bodies and sexuality.

Five – Amika George
Amika George (Twitter: @amikageorge) is an activist and the founder of the ‘Free Periods’ movement to make sanitary products free for children in schools and end period poverty. Amika is passionate about every child having an equal opportunity to flourish in school, not being forced to stay at home if they cannot access sanitary products. Following Amika will keep you up to date with the #PeriodRevolution and feminist political campaigning.

Six – Munroe Bergdof
Munroe Bergdof (Twitter/Instagram: @munroebergdof) is the founder of the Goddess Platform, a writer and political activist. As a Trans woman of colour, Munroe campaigns for Trans rights, equality and inclusivity in the Feminist movement. Munroe is also a Change Maker for UN Women UK and uses this platform to campaign for womxn’s rights on the political stage. Munroe and the Goddess platform promote people of all genders to love their body and challenge our society to support people of colour, womxn and LGBTQ+ communities.

Seven – Adwoa Aboah
Adwoa Aboah (Instagram: @adwoaaboah) is a model, activist and founder of the podcast GURLS TALK. As an outspoken woman of colour, Adwoa uses her platform to challenge beauty norms and raise awareness for young people’s mental health. GURLS TALK is a podcast for women tackling a wide variety of issues including grief, anxiety, friendship, relationships, sexuality, beauty and body image. Adwoa’s social media presence will give you both nourishing positive messages and style inspo with her elegance and empathy.

Eight – Florence Given
Groovy illustrations and powerful feminist statements… that’s what following this influencer will add to your timeline. Florence Given (Instagram: @florencegiven) is an illustrator and debut author of ‘Women Don’t Owe You Pretty’ that is coming out later this year. Florence’s work is all about deconstructing the patriarchy with feminist slogans like ‘Love Sex, Hate Sexism’ and ‘Stop Raising Him He’s Not Your Son’. Following her on Instagram will fill your feed with vibrancy, beauty and strength that empowers us to take up space in a society that expects us to be small.

Nine – Nimco Ali
Nimco Ali aka OB-fanny-E (Twitter: @NimkoAli) is a wonderful anti-FGM (female genital mutilation) campaigner and political activist. Her debut book ‘What We’re Told Not to Talk About’ is a taboo-breaking look at the everyday experiences of 42 women from 14 countries. From surviving sexual abuse to your first poo after childbirth, ‘What We’re Told Not to Talk About’ addresses the often silenced voices of women’s experience in their frankest form. Nimko’s Twitter feed highlights interesting debates on feminism, intersectionality and VAM (violence against women) as well as commenting on topical issues for women today. Writing with poise and honesty, Nimko really lives up to her name as ‘Chief Fanny Defender’.

Ten – Gina Martin
One of the recent milestones in legislation for women was the upskirting bill that made taking indecent and nonconsensual images of women illegal. Gina Martin (Twitter: @ginamartinuk) is a feminist and political campaigner who made this legislation happen. A frequent commentator on current affairs, Gina is a great feminist voice who critiques and challenges misogyny online, in politics and the press. She also is a very relatable source for the lives of twenty-something women who love memes, TikToks and Keeping Up With the Kardashians – the perfect balance!

Written by Ellie Stebbing


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