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Did you know that out of 16 available texts on the GSCE curriculum, only 1 is by a woman? How can we expect women and girls to be empowered if they’re not represented in the books they’re reading, and the stories they’re engaging with? How far have we actually moved since women wrote under men’s names to be taken seriously? The publishing and bookselling world has for too long been centred on narratives written by and about men, and we know it’s time for things to be shaken up! Books That Matter is a brand putting women’s writing at the forefront through unique reading experiences, and we exist because these statistics do. Our mission is to put the classics of tomorrow in your hands today, and this involves hand picking female led fiction for our themed subscription boxes, holding events interviewing feminist authors and activists, our podcasts, and much more.

Our Story

Books That Matter was started by founder and CEO Molly whilst she was in her second year of university. Empowered, inspired and transported by the texts she was reading on her literature course, Molly’s reflection on her experience, that had opened her up to so many female authors, turned to frustration. As a working class student, she knew all too well the barriers to entry that stood in the way of higher education, and felt it was completely unacceptable that a huge proportion of women weren’t being afforded the cultural education of the women that came before her that she so deserved. So, in hope that she could be the one to bring this to them in a unique way, Molly founded Books That Matter.

The start-up journey of the brand began at Start Up Sussex, an entrepreneurship competition in Brighton of which Molly was the first female winner. The grant fund included in the prize helped her to start up the business you see today, and when the brand opened its doors in July 2018, it sold out of all it’s boxes in less than 2 days! Since then, it’s been many more months of themed boxes to educate, empower and enlighten on different areas of feminism and women’s writing. As well as this, we’ve been featured across Forbes, Stylist, Huffington Post, London Evening Standard, Bustle, Thrive, and more! Books That Matter was also recently crowned the UK’s Female Start Up of the Year after just a year of trading, and our team is continually growing.

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"I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own."
Audre Lorde

Meet The Team


Molly Masters

Founder and Director

Molly founded Books That Matter in 2017, whilst still in her second year at university studying English Literature. Hugely passionate about women's writing, feminism and activism, Molly created the subscription box company as a way to raise up the voices of women writers and creatives (inclusive of transgender and non-binary persons), and to create a platform for social change and empowerment. She was able to start up the company after becoming the first female winner of the entrepreneurship competition, StartUp Sussex. Molly runs the company from Bristol and lives with her partner and their rescue cat, Aphrodite.


Joanne Norris

PR and Content Creator

Joanne is a true multi-hyphenate; skilled in writing, PR, marketing and jewellery making. When she's not busy with our social media and blog, you can find her making earrings and writing in coffee shops.

Riziki Millanzi

Blogger and Podcaster

Riziki is a post-graduate literature student, drama enthusiast, and, in her words, a massive nerd. As part of our blogger team, her passion lies in African-American literature, especially science fiction.

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