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A Rundown of the Subscriptions

What’s In The Box?

Every month you will receive:

– 1 empowering and inspiring book
– at LEAST 3 x gifts from independent creatives
– a beautifully packaged subscription box
– a crafted menu detailing the book’s themes, and the crafters’ bios

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Our December theme: We Glow Through What We Go Through

We are so thrilled to announce our December theme: We Glow Through What We Go Through! In a year like no other, we wanted to bring together a box that truly celebrates the resilience and strength we’ve all shown this year, as well as encouraging reflection and readiness for the new year ahead! “We Glow Through What We Go Through” was a little phrase we’ve held close this whole year and it truly reflects how everyone has continued to radiate positivity despite the challenges of 2020. Our ‘Glow’ box will not only be a sparkling, golden, luxurious gift box, but will also warm the heart, bring a festive glow, and a way to bookend the year, reaffirming how we have shone together through the darkness. Inside, you’ll find an uplifting and dazzling debut book by a Singaporean author which provides the perfect escape into the nostalgia of another era, based on the true lives of three diverse female protagonists . We also have another large book in this box – a coveted, deluxe activity based book to inspire reflection on the year passed and the possibilities ahead. We have also curated an abundance of gifts to encourage reflection, relaxation, and sisterhood too – with treats that will remind you of your strength and self-love to wind down this year and step into the new one afresh. And, of course, what is a festive box without some delicious snacks, which you can find two of inside this box! Subscribe now to get your December box!

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