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Brave Girls Book Club is the book subscription box pulling together diverse stories and powerful protagonists to empower and inspire young girls! Filling the gap of underrepresentation of girls and women in the curriculum, publishing and media; Brave Girls Book Club puts female-led literature in the hands of young readers to inspire them through positive role models, new-found knowledge, and fun gifts – all in a subscription box that feels like a gift every single month!
Brave Girls Book Club is the sister brand of the award-winning Books That Matter, the UK’s leading book subscription box. Our boxes are for middle grade readers, typically, readers aged 7-12!

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Order Your August Box: Girls Who Changed the World

Suffragettes, sisterhood and strong female role models are what you’ll find inside our August box! πŸ‘­ We are absolutely over the moon to introduce our August box theme, one that will empower your Brave Girl with all the stories of the women who came before her, and the real life tales of girls just like her changing the world for the better πŸ’ͺ


What’s in August’s box?

Inside our August box you will find:
πŸ“š Book 1 is “The Unstoppable Letty Pegg”, the story of the suffragettes with the Jiu Jitsu and roller skating left in… this impeccably researched debut novel from Iszi Lawrence shows the fight for women’s suffrage as it really was!
πŸ“š And Book 2 is “Make More Noise”, an incredible collection of short stories, celebrating inspirational girls and women, being published to commemorate the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in the UK. Β£1 from the sale of every book is be donated to Camfed, a charity which tackles inequality by supporting women’s education in the developing world.
πŸ“°Of course, you’ll also find our glorious 40+page magazine inside too, beautifully curated with suffragette stories, activist fact files, a timeline to the Vote, historical tales, interviews from real life Brave Girls, colouring sheets and much more!
πŸ’–On top of this there’s also our amazing collectible patch, of course, themed around Girls Who Changed the World too!
This summer holidays, encourage your Brave Girl to read books about the women who came before her, the kind of girl she can grow up to be, and the change she can make with her voice and ideas!


Monthly Boxes of Empowerment

For just Β£17 a month, you’ll receive a box which includes: 2 books by dazzling female authors featuring diverse and inspiring characters, a 40-page themed magazine full of exclusive interviews & activities, a branded bookmark and a collectible patch. All beautifully packaged like a gift every month!

the power of reading

When girls see themselves represented in what they read, powerful things happen. Our boxes will bring them stories of strong female protagonists, introduce them to new role models, and represent the diverse society they live in.

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Our online platform showcases the very best in empowering literature for young readers, as well as free resources, helpful videos for parents, and an online book club. You can always contact our team via DMs or via our email: [email protected]

When girls see themselves represented, powerful things happen…

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