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Books That Matter is a brand putting women’s writing in the spotlight through unique reading experiences. Our bestselling book subscription boxes each capture an immersive theme specifically to enlighten, educate and empower, all in a way that feels like a gift every single month. For just £17 a month, each box contains a book by female authorship, and at least 3 themed gifts by independent female creatives. Our brand also encompasses events with high profile authors, a podcast, an online members bookclub, and merchandise gifts too.

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Destroy the Patriarchy, Not The Planet 💪

We are thrilled to reveal our October theme: Earth is My Sister, a box dedicated to ecofeminism and the story of sustainability 💖 At the very heart of this box is an urgent call to action to our community to recognise the role we play in combating the ever-present climate disaster 🌎 This two book special edition box provides an accessible and consciously curated reading experience, themed around understanding environmentalism as a fundamental pillar of feminism, understanding the roots of our planet’s problems, and how it affects women and the wider world, providing essential dialogue on the devastating legacies patriarchy and colonialism have left 📚 Our October box will include an exclusive early paperback from a New York Times bestselling author, telling the story of colonialism and environmental devastation on communities, alongside a special extract from a leading activist 📚 Inside you’ll also find both cosmetic and edible products designed to help kickstart start your journey towards greater responsibility and sustainability 💖


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I’ve been getting BTM boxes for a year now and I love them! The boxes are always wonderfully crafted and I enjoy being introduced to feminist titles I might not necessarily pick up on my own. Everytime I’ve had a question customer service has been amazing. I recommend this book box subscription service to everyone!
I’ve watched this beautiful company blossom into what it is today and I couldn’t be happier with what it’s become! I especially can’t wait to get my teeth into this month’s book!
Love love love this book subscription! It’s beautifully packaged and has lots of lovely ethically sourced items inside – perfect gift for someone and I’m so glad I’ve got it !
This is the loveliest subscription box I have received to date. So important, and so cute! You won’t be disappointed! Plus, they ship internationally! It only took 7 days to get to me (US) from the UK!
It’s absolutely one of the highlights of my month!
The books have been excellent choices, the themes have been interesting and I’ve loved the bits and bobs in the box.
It’s been a joy to receive them and it’s widened my horizons with feminist literature and writers to seek out more from.
I’ve found the customer service to be friendly and excellent, even through the very pressured time during lockdown.


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